Festival Dates 26-28 January, 2018

Lisa Ratcliff – Sailing Media Manager

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Image: Craig Greenhill, Saltwater Photography

Lisa Ratcliff – Sailing Media Manager, Festival of Sails

Renowned sailing journalist Lisa Ratcliff has always loved the beach and sailing. Growing up on Scotland Island in Sydney’s North, Lisa caught the ferry to Mona Vale Public School each day, and shared classrooms with the children of some of Australia’s greatest sailing families. In her early 20s, Lisa began sailing competitively.

After completing her degree at the University of Canberra, Lisa combined her work in communications and PR with her long-term love for the sport of sailing, rising to the top of her field as a specialist in the sailing world.

Lisa has recently returned from Rio where she had the fantastic opportunity of working as the Olympics News Service’s sport writer for sailing, bringing stories, athlete quotes and highlights to the world’s media – an experience she’ll never forget.

2017 will be Lisa’s 10th anniversary of being involved with the Festival of Sails. She says the most rewarding part is hearing the stories of all the people she meets, combined with working in the vibrant outdoor setting in the sport that she is passionate about.  “I’m really looking forward to getting out on Corio Bay and watching the fleet light up in some breeze and enjoying the terrific carnival atmosphere with my husband and two sons who will be competing in the sports boat division”, she said.