Festival Dates 26-28 January, 2018

Baruch – SB560

A chat with the Skipper.


Festival of Sails: What is your best memory/achievement sailing on this boat?

Baruch – SB560: Best memory on this boat was taking delivery of her with my wife and 3 kids in Europe and then spending 4 months living aboard sailing around Italy, Croatia & Greece!

Definitely the best investment I have made in my family to date.

FOS: What do you love most about your boat?

Baruch – SB560: That there is always room for one more – we love to share our sport with friends so it’s nice to have plenty of space up on deck and down below. I’m also a pretty big fan of the coffee machine on board!

FOS: How many times have you sailed in FOS?

Baruch – SB560: This will be our third year.

FOS: Why have you chosen to compete in FOS 2017?

Baruch – SB560: We had a great experience last year with great results and we also won a trip to New York courtesy of the early bird entry prize – that was brilliant!

Regardless of any of this though – Geelong is a great place to sail, the event is brilliantly organised and there are plenty of other yachts similar to ours that make for fun and close racing – when you add the shoreside festival there is definitely something for everyone!

FOS: Do you have your crew confirmed? If so, mention them here (so we can include them in the FOS blog post). If you don’t have crew yet and would like us to help you find some, let us know! 

Baruch – SB560: We have a fairly regular crew – Im sure they will all be back again for more action next year. Keep your eyes peeled for our star forward hand, Andrew Charalambous – he is well known for performing his mid race MOB incident on a spinnaker run, grabbing a rope and nearly barefoot waterskiing himself back on board and then quickly making his way up front for the next gybe – no places lost!

We wish Baruch – SB560 and skipper Glenn Watson the best of luck!