Festival Dates 26-28 January, 2018

Bushranger Ensign Racing


A chat with the Skipper.


Festival of Sails 2016Festival of Sails: What is your best memory/achievement sailing on this boat?

Bushranger: The yacht is a Beneteau 40.7. First She has been very competitive winning the last Spring Series at SBSC and Club Champion in 2015 at SBSC. She will be campaigning again in the ORVC offshore series.

FOS: What do you love most about your boat?

Bushranger:  She is a very forgiving vessel with large cockpit area allows my aging crew plenty of room to move and also gives my younger fore deckys a great thrill with her turn of speed up great up wind performance.

FOS: How many times have you sailed in FOS?

Bushranger: This will be my 9th FOS and my 2nd with Bushranger

FOS: Why have you chosen to compete in FOS 2017?

Bushranger:  It is a great regatta, get to catch up with many friends and clients and of course it is close thrilling racing with the added benefit of  many onshore activities. It is a very well run regatta

FOS: Do you have your crew confirmed? If so, mention them here (so we can include them in the FOS blog post). If you don’t have crew yet and would like us to help you find some, let us know! 

Bushranger: Yes my crew is confirmed with my standard core crew with a couple of rock stars flying in from Sydney.


Bushranger will be competing in the Cruising with Spinnaker division. Best of luck to crew and skipper Stephen Richardson!

Festival of Sails 2016

Festival of Sails 2016