Festival Dates 26-28 January, 2018

Friday Harbour

A chat with the Skipper.

Festival of Sails: What has been your best memory/achievement sailing on this boat?

Friday Harbour: My best memories were from last FOS in January this year. On the 3rd day after the morning race we moored Friday Harbour outside the marina wall and waited there for the twilight race with a starting time 1.5 hr later. On our return to the marina after the twilight race we just set on board Friday Harbour, with our partners totally unaware of our best 3rd day results (3rd place in the morning and 1st in twilight race afternoon). Up until our dinner, around 8 pm when we walked past the big screen, one of our crew members had seen Friday Harbour in 1st spot. By the time I turned around the screen rolled over to the results in different classes. We all stopped and waited for the screen to return to the Cruising with Spinnaker division 3 results. It was great to see the name Friday Harbour there, we were all ecstatic and very happy about our results.   

FOS: What do you love most about your boat?

Friday Harbour: Just about everything, but the best is: It is very safe because safety is my priority number one, it is strongly built and it is spacious enough for 5 people. All around it is a very good cruising yacht with a very catchy name, I believe.

 FOS: How many times have you sailed in FOS?

Friday Harbour: In January 2017 it will be my 3rd consecutive sail in FOS. In 2015 I sailed in my previous boat Laafin which I sold after the event and purchased Friday Harbour at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

FOS: Why have you chosen to compete in FOS 2017?

Friday Harbour: It is a festival after all, and I have some great memories with the Royal Geelong Yacht Club during my 5 years of involvement with the Variety Splash event. The other thing is the personal challenge sailing in between so many boats where skippers have to be constantly alert. It’s also the superb fun pictures part of FOS. Festivity is just great.

FOS: Do you have your crew confirmed? 

Friday Harbour: Yes I do, and they are Kon Cili Skipper/owner, Yvonne Kardinaal, Guy Kerr , Phil and Lil Seymour and  one more to be confirmed later on.

Friday Harbour is competing in the Cruising with Spinnakers division.