Festival Of Sails

G!Gs by festival of sails

New for 2022, Gigs by Festival of Sails will see over 50 artists performing across 8 local Geelong venues over 8 days. These performances are free to both the Geelong community and Festival of Sails participants. Showcasing the best local talent and Geelong’s best venues, Geelong Connected Communities has partnered with Festival of Sails to be support local artists in local venues to bring locals and visitors back to central Geelong. This support will provide a huge boost to the hard hit hospitality and live music scene in Geelong.


Ticketing will be managed on a per venue basis and will be available early in the new year.

The Venues

Geelong’s CBD and Waterfront packs a diverse choice of venues within a short walk from RGYC, ranging from classic pub fair to Melbourne-style alley way piano and jazz bars.


When it comes to unique, award-winning, and reputable locally-made beer, wine, and spirits, look no further than Geelong’s own – made, bottled and sourced right on the shores and surrounds of Corio Bay.