Festival Of Sails

MacGlide By MacTac- Reducing Environment Impact

Boat owners and visitors at the 2020 MacGlide Festival of Sails can learn about the latest technology which provides long term protection for vessels, while reducing their environmental impact.

As part of their commitment to the marine community MacGlide by Mactac are the naming sponsor of the 2020 Festival of Sails regatta, held in Geelong from January 25 to 27.

With over 185 years of combined experience Mactac adhesive films and PPG coatings, two oganisations who excel in their field, have joined forces to produce MacGlide, an innovative and effective biocide-free adhesive film which attaches to the hull of a boat below the waterline.

Mactac Senior Business Manager Jordan Leach said as users of our oceans and sailing enthusiasts we are “responsible for protecting the ocean we enjoy”.

“Each year across Australia and New Zealand, boat owners use tens of thousands of tonnes of anti-fouling paint containing biocides. Every square metre of anti-fouling paint contains around 15 grams of biocide, capable of polluting 150,000 cubic metres of water. So it’s easy to appreciate the impact on marine life, when you consider that a 30ft yacht has something like 25 square metres of immersed hull.”

As material science experts Mactac sought to take up the challenge of a solution to this environmental problem and enlisted the help of PPG, the experts in paints and marine coatings,  to collaboratively develop a solution.

“The solution is MacGlide. Its fouling protection and release film prevents the colonization of marine micro-organisms on your hull in the same way as anti-fouling paint without spreading toxic substances into the water,” Mr Leach said.

“It will also help protect their vessels from osmosis while preserving the environment we love.”

Mr Leach said, by using MacGlide, skippers can reduce their fuel consumption by up to five to six per cent as well as increase their speed by four to five per cent.

After years of experience in European waters and subsequent testing in Australian seas, he said Mactac were confident in backing the MacGlide solution for five years, making it a cost effective solution for vessels over this period.

Given the RGYC’s ongoing focus on greener waterfront solutions, MacGlide by Mactac is very much in keeping with the Royal Geelong Yacht Club’s environmental values.

The company will also be on site with a stall in the Regatta Village, inside the grounds of the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, to show the application technique the certified Nautical Partners employ.

Mr Leach said Certified Nautical Partners were appointed by Mactac to apply the film and its components to ensure the quality of the application and ensure clients receive the longevity warrantied by the manufacturer.

“These partners are also selected for their marine knowledge to ensure the demands of any given vessel are considered.”

“It’s exciting to know that our waters are being preserved by this innovative solution against fouling. It lets you sail responsibly in cleaner waters while saving money at the same time.”

For more information, please visit www.macglide.com.au

 For local distributor National Marine Wraps, please visit http://nationalmarinewraps.com.au/.

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