Festival Of Sails

MacGlide provides solution for sailing “Apprentice”

Following the partnership with MacGlide at the 2020 Festival of Sails, RGYC Members Morgan and Joanne Cornelius invested in MacGlide’s boat wrapping, installed on their boat “Apprentice G621” by certified national partner, National Marine Wraps.

After doing their own research to investigate the benefits of traditional methods compared to MacGlide’s solution, the cost and time savings were a clear point of difference for the busy ‘yachties’.

Owner of “Apprentice G621” Morgan Cornelius said with these contribution factors, the decision to convert to MacGlide’s wrapping solution was an easy one.

“We first heard about the MacGlide product at last year’s Festival of Sails, so we did some research and looking over the 5-year period, the product was a better option for us due to our heavy work commitments and our limited available time to look after the maintenance of the boat,” Morgan said.

“Time saving is one of the biggest benefits. Just after the first slipping, the boat was out, cleaned and ready to go back in the water in under two hours.

“Our boat was wrapped in April last year and this was the only time-consuming exercise of the process while the boat was cleaned, scraped and the anti-foul was removed.

“National Marine Wraps blasted the anti-foul off, cleaned and sanded the hull, then applied the special coating to apply the wrap,” he said.

Since wrapping his boat, Morgan has enjoyed a “hassle-free” yachting experience, with more time for sailing and cruising.

“The product has proven very effective. By sailing regularly, the product allows for the yacht to self-clean in speeds greater than 6-7 knots which reduces additional work when you slip the boat.

“We are very satisfied with the team at National Marine Wraps who were very helpful and accommodating when helping us make the decision as well as the MacGlide product itself.

“The product not only has a greater environmental benefit, but allows for a cost savings, time saving and a simpler cleaning process,” he said.

Morgan and Joanne have entered their “Apprentice” to race in the 178th edition of the Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race on Sunday, 24 January 2020.

To enter for the Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race, please see https://bit.ly/33RAnJu.  


For more information on MacGlide and its local distributors, please see https://macglide.com.au.