Festival Of Sails

Rex Gorell Partnership

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club has announced a long term partnership with Geelong’s Rex Gorell Land Rover for the iconic Festival of Sails regatta.

Rex Gorell Land Rover will be the presenting partner for the next three years, following its successful association with this year Festival of Sails event.

The connection between the Land Rover brand and sailing is significant with Land Rover Australia supporting many key regattas around the country.

“The Festival is a great package of onshore and offshore activities and racing, and this in turn is a great fit for our brand which is all about adventure and shared experiences,” says Director of Marketing at Land Rover Australia, Kevin Nicholls.

“The boats, like Land Rover vehicles, have design and technological innovation at their core, and both can take on the unique challenges of their surroundings to deliver outstanding performance.”

Festival of Sails Chairman Chris Williams says the ongoing relationship with Rex Gorell Land Rover and the Royal Geelong Yacht Club highlights the depth of community connection between the two organisations.