Festival Of Sails

RGYC Marina & FOS Berthing

Free Berthing is provided to all vessels within the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour as part of their entry into the Festival of Sails .

The marina is protected by the newly commissioned Wangim Walk, one of Australia’s longest on-water walkways / wave attenuation systems.   Berthing plans will be issued to sailors in the lead up to the event.

Wangim Walk & New Floating Marina Arm

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club has been expanding and upgrading its Marina as part of the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Project.  This has already seen the addition of Wangim Walk, a new wave attenuation system that provides additional weather protection to the RGYC Marina and enhances our berthing options during the Festival of Sails.

Additionally, the new floating marina arm in front of the RGYC lawn and clubhouse area provides an additional 28 berths that will be available for the event.


RGYC has a self-serve Diesel and Unleaded fuel pump available on the Marina, available 24/7.

Push & Pull & Water Taxi

RGYC’s Volunteer team will be on hand to greet vessels as they arrive / depart their berths, and provide any support that may be required to maneuver your vessel.

The FOS Water Taxi service operates around the clock to provide quick and easy access to / from the shore to vessels on swing moorings.

For all enquiries relating to the Royal Geelong Yacht Club Marina, please contact the Marina Manager, Paul Walters, on 0418 524 867.