Festival Of Sails

Royal Geelong Yacht Club launches new, quirky collectible artwork for 2024 Festival of Sails

Celebrating the fun, freedom and excitement of its annual Festival of Sails, the Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) has just launched a new artwork, designed to encapsulate the spirit of summer and the festival vibe.


RGYC General Manager, Steve Harper says the new illustration is a bright and fun way to celebrate the party atmosphere of Australia’s biggest and best sailing regatta.


“The creative freedom afforded through the use of an illustration was very appealing to me. And this new artwork brings together all the exciting aspects of the Festival of Sails in a single image, evoking a sense of fun and frivolity,” he says.


Steve says the illustration also includes a ‘hidden’ image within it, that many people probably won’t pick up on their first look.


The illustration will be part of the skippers’ welcome packs, and will be used throughout January’s Festival of Sails, including a 4-metre-high installation in the RGYC precinct on Geelong’s waterfront.


“It’s deliberately fun and playful and our intention is to launch a new illustration each year of the Festival,” he says.

“We think this is a great start and can’t wait to see how the concept – and the collectible artworks – evolve every year.”

Illustration by Janelle Barone