Festival Of Sails

Young skipper has his eye on two prizes!

There’s no such thing as too fast for Two Farr skipper, Will Baum.

Will placed third in the performance racing division against fierce competition in the 2015 Passage Race. He’s hoping he can do an even better job along the 34 nautical mile stretch between Williamstown and Geelong on Saturday January 23.

Geelong-based Will and almost all his crew are under 25 making them eligible for the Gill Australia Under 25 Trophy a new trophy being to be awarded to the first young skipper to cross the line in the Passage Race on handicap.

With a race time of 5 hours 23 minutes and 18 seconds last year, his competitors would do well to keep an eye on the young skipper as he aims for not just the Under 25 Trophy but the main one as well.

From humble beginnings sailing with his father at the age of 12, Will has now clocked up more than 13 regattas and has considerable experience at the helm.

He and his crew have been working on improvements to their boat in readiness for the racing series and are excited to have the chance of winning two trophies this season.

“Two Farr has been on the water and racing for around 18 months after I originally picked it up as a wreck. After each race we’ve made some improvements trying to get her into the best shape as possible to race,” he said.