Festival Of Sails

Live tracking for Festival Passage Race

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club is proud to announce that Victorian company TackTracker has come on board as a sponsor of the Festival of Sails 2017, offering its race tracking services to bring the racing action closer to spectators on land.
TackTracker is a software that offers a bird’s eye view of the race, allowing festival goers to follow all the racing action of the Passage Race and the Sydney 38 Division on the big screen, using mobile data from the crews’ smartphones to track the boats and show them by name along the racing route. All racing can be viewed at tacktracker.com/cloud
“We often found at regattas that spectators on land can’t really follow the race, which is why we developed TackTracker. It’s particularly good for family and friends of the crews, as they can watch in real time how the boat they support is faring, and discuss tactics and weather conditions with each other,” said Mr Seers.
“It truly adds to the experience of those not actively involved in the on water action, as they feel much more connected to the racing. But there are a range of benefits for skippers and crews as well, as the race footage is downloadable and is an excellent tool for post-race analysis of race tactics, sailing techniques, weather and water conditions and competitor strategy.”
In a first for the Festival of Sails 2017 TackTracker is sponsoring the use of the technology for two race events – the Passage Race and the Sydney 38 Division – further adding to the experience of spectators and participants alike. Big screens will be set up in the Regatta Village and Steampacket Gardens, enabling the crowds onshore to follow the progress of the fleet and their favourite yachts.
Festival of Sails Chairman Peter Alexander said the Club was thrilled to welcome TackTracker as a sponsor of the event, particularly given the reputation the software has in the European and American markets.
“TackTracker is the provider of choice for some of the biggest regattas all over the world, so for someone of that caliber to get behind the Festival of Sails is a major coup for us. And we are truly pleased to be able to offer spectators and participants yet another dimension of the event,” said Mr Alexander.
Mr Seers added that the Festival of Sails’ reputation and popularity made it an easy choice for partnership – along with the home connection.

“Sailing in Europe – particularly in Italy and England – and the United States is currently our biggest market, but the Festival of Sails is such a wonderful event with near-perfect sailing conditions in Corio Bay and an incredible atmosphere on and off the water, we feel honoured to be involved. And the fact that it’s in our home state of Victoria where TackTracker all began is an added bonus,” he said.
All racing can be viewed live or downloaded at any time post race at tacktracker.com/cloud and the TackTracker app is also available for smartphones.

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